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IPWSO 9th International Conference 2016 - Toronto, Canada 

Hosted by FPWR Canada, the 9th IPWSO Conference will be held in Toronto, July 20th -24th 2016.

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3rd Asia-Pacific PWS Conference 2015 - Melbourne


The 3rd Asia-Pacific PWS Conference was held on April 11th and 12th 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. Videos of the conference presentations can now be viewed here

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IPWSO 8th International Conference, 2013

This conference was held in Cambridge, UK, from 18-21 July 2013.

The PWSA (UK), in partnership with the University of Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group  (headed by IPWSO President, Prof Tony Holland) hosted the 8th International Conference in 2013. There was a 4 day programme with all the latest research about PWS, including sessions especially for scientists, researchers, care providers, teachers, and parents. The venue for the conference was Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

Here, you can read a review of the conference by Jackie Waters (PWSA UK) which summarises the highlights of the scientific programme.

You can read all the abstracts and view some of the presentations on the PWSA UK website below. You can also obtain a copy of the programme / abstract book (while stocks last).

Other sites of interest:
Cambridge Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Group


Conference Reviews

General Overview:
by Linda Thornton

The 7th International Conference in Taiwan is now over, but will not be forgotten.  It was attended by five of us from the New Zealand PWS Association:  Cindy, Karen, Emma, Melanie, and me.   I was co-organiser for the General (Parent/Professional) Conference with Janice Forster (USA).  The conference was attended by over 240 people (including 26 with PWS), from 33 countries, mainly from Taiwan and Japan, but good contingents from the States, Australia, and good representation from most European countries.  We even had a doctor (who has a daughter with PWS) from Cuba – something that took a huge amount of organisation as the Cuban government is reluctant to endorse external travel.   Read more...


Scientific review
by Janalee Heinemann

The following are glimpses of a few of the 29 oral reports and 36 poster presentations from this conference. The entire report must be heard and/or read to understand the conclusions.  This is non-peer reviewed research (a process required by medical journals).  Read more...



Report from Ellie Smith

PWS, a multifaceted disorder, involving all the major body systems, has become a rich source of research into all the varied aspects of human development and behaviour. These were all covered well in the excellent scientific sessions, but due to space constraints, I can only present some of the more compelling/new data here.  Read more....


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