Useful Resources and Links for NZ Families

Disability Support

MyCare - National Carer Matching Service An excellent online tool for finding carers in your area and making it easy for people seeking or offering help to find each other. If you receive disability support funding, MyCare is free - you will just need to provide the name of your NASC and an NHI number. MyCare also offers other online tools to help with scheduling and care planning, and a private Support Circle feature to keep everyone informed and involved in day to day arrangements. These optional extra tools are available for an annual upgrade cost of $199. A MyCare upgrade is an authorised purchase for those who use Individualised Funding. For more information, please download the following  information leaflet. Please click here to join MyCare.

Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) - IHC pocket sized guide   A needs assessment is the first step toward identifying the support or services your family requires. This guide has been developed by parents for parents, based on their experiences of making the most of needs assessments. It includes information on how to find your local NASC. Click here to download.

Disability Support Guide - by the Parent and Family Resource Centre  This fantastic new resource contains lots of useful information and is available free from the PFRC website.

A Guide for Carers  A Guide produced by the Ministry of Social Development containing practical help for people caring for a family member with a disability. Click here todownload.

Disability Assistance from Work and Income  A guide to allowances and benefits available related to disability. Click here to download.


Parent and Family Resource Centre, Auckland - helps families who are raising a child with a disability find the right resources and support for their children. 

Family Services Directory - a useful resource enabling you to find disability services and other services in your area.

IHC and IDEA Services - providers of advocacy, information, support and services for people with intellectual disabilities. Services include the IHC library, respite and residential care.

CCS Disability Action - provide advocacy, support, information and connection to resources. Services include a library service, leaving school transition support, employment and vocational services. 

Carers NZ - website of Carers NZ and the NZ Carers Alliance; containing useful resources and providing information for carers.

Care Matters - a carer learning and wellbeing resource service. Constructive and up-to-date information and resources to assist carers, plus learning and training online and though workshops and events.


Starting School - Information for parents & caregivers of children with special educational needs  A booklet produced by the Ministry of Education with advice about choosing and enrolling at a school. Click here to downloaddownload.

Individual Education Plans - working as a team  A brief infomation sheet about IEPs produced by the Ministry of Education. Click here to download.

Code for New Zealand Schools - IHC pocket sized guide  The right to an inclusive education in New Zealand. Click here to download.

Services and Support in Special Education for Children at School  A booklet produced by the Ministry of Education for parents and caregivers. Click here to download.


'Kiwi Families' web page on special education - provides information about GSE, IEPs, RTLBs, school transport assistance etc.

Wellington Early Intervention Trust

The Champion Centre (Christchurch Early Intervention Trust) 

Disability Networks

Parent to Parent - Regional offices around the country connect parents with support parents who have a child or family member with a similar disability. Parent to Parent also provide an information service and run a sibling support programme.

People First - A self advocacy group run by and for people with learning / intellectual disabilities. There are over 30 local groups around New Zealand that are split into 6 regions.

Transition from College to Adult Life

Exploring Futures 2012 and Beyond  A booklet produced for the Transition Expo 2012 which is a step by step guide to moving on after college. It also contains lots of useful information about supports and services available, including links to helpful websites. This is a large file. Click here to download or ask to email you a copy.


Association for Supported Employment in New Zealand (National)
Attainable Trust - employment & community participation (Auckland)
Career Moves (Hamilton)
Catapult Employment Services Trust (Christchurch)
Elevator - assist Aucklanders with disabilities to work in careers of choice
Emerge Supported Employment Trust (Wellington)
Workbridge - real jobs for people with disabilities (National)

Sports, Music and Arts

Special Olympics New Zealand - Special Olympics offers a year-round programme of sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Each year, Special Olympics runs more than 200 events in over 40 towns and cities around the country. Check out the website to find clubs and programmes near you.

New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association (NZRDA) - NZRDA provides stimulating and therapeutic horse riding and horse related activities to people with disabilities of all ages. A person may be referred to the RDA programme by a health professional, teacher or caregiver. NZRDA is an association of member groups - to find a group near you, use the following link:

StarJam - StarJam gives young people with disabilities the chance to experience the buzz and thrill of performing and coming together through the common love of music and dance. Whether they sing, play an instrument or dance, they can do anything that showcases their amazing talents. Now in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.