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This website is intended to provide information only and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult qualified healthcare providers with any questions regarding a medical condition. Do not delay seeking medical advice with any concerns.

Website Information Service

Although PWSA(NZ) has taken all reasonable care in ensuring the information in this website is reliable, correct and updated (within the limits of our small staff team and time available), we cannot be liable for any inaccuracy, omission, or any other kind of inadequacy in the information provided in this wesbite or in our published materials available to download from this website.
Persons should make their own inquiries and seek independent advice from relevant parties or health professionals before relying on any information or material which is made available to you through this website. We do not accept liability of any kind to any person or entity that chooses to rely solely upon the information we have provided.

Our website also contains links to other sources of information which we believe to be reliable and up to date as at the date of publication. However, inclusion of information on this website from third parties or links to third party documents and sites is not an endorsement or verification of accuracy by us. Third party websites and their resources are available for your convenience, but have not been produced by us or controlled by us.

Information and Advice Service when you Contact Us

Any advice and information provided by our staff, volunteers and committee officers is general information provided in good faith. Our staff and volunteers have experience but have not received any training for their roles and therefore cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s situation, health or needs. Persons should be aware that if you contact PWSA(NZ) for advice, information or support, our staff and volunteers are not medically trained.

Our staff, volunteers and committee officers are not responsible for the currency or accuracy of any information provided to individuals and do not accept any liability. Persons relying on information provided by our staff, volunteers or committee officers do so at your own risk.

Accepting Responsibilities and Risk if registering for PWSA(NZ) Events

PWSA(NZ) regularly hosts support events such as national family camps and weekends for adults living with PWS, teenagers, or young families. Our support events are run by a small staff or volunteer team (who are sometimes also attending with their own family) and it is not possible for us to be responsible for supervision whilst managing adminstration aspects  of and leading these events. We simply do not have the number of staff and volunteers in order to be able to offer any responsibility for supervision.

When registering for one of these events, it is made clear that all children and adults living with PWS are to attend with a support person who has duty of care, i.e. a responsible family member or a support worker. PWSA(NZ) cannot accept responsibility for duty of care of children or vulnerable people. PWSA(NZ) does not accept liability for any harm or injury arising from lack of supervision.

PWSA(NZ) takes all reasonable and practical steps to keep all registered attendees safe whilst attending PWSA(NZ) events by passing on venue instructions on hazards, emergency procedures, and any safety instructions. When events involve use of facilities and equipment that have risk potential, a safety briefing for each activity is provided by a group leader or instructor. It is importantant that all participants, especially those with duty of care, listen and take note of safety rules and instructions whilst undertaking activities. PWSA(NZ) does not accept liability for accidents and injury or damage/loss of property if safety rules and instructions have not been followed, or if facilities/equipment have been misused.

If there is an element of unavoidable risk involved in any activities, this will be disclosed and participants, especially those with duty of care, should evaluate individual risk based on any medical conditions or pregnancy, individual size/weight, physical and cognitive abilities, and ability to sustain levels of exertion or stress. PWSA(NZ) does not accept liability for injury or death arising from or connected with event activities if any physical and mental demands have been disclosed and attendees have been asked to assess individual capability.