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Training Courses

We are able to offer training sessions to schools and residential care service providers in New Zealand. From time to time we also host seminars or conferences with specialist presentations by expert speakers. Please see below for details of our training workshops, to make a training request by completing the form, or to check for any upcoming courses.

You are able to request 4 different types of training, which can be delivered on site or online via Zoom. Prices quoted are for Limited Members and are a contribution toward our costs. (At times, we may combine requests or offer the training to additional organisations in the area in order to reduce costs or bring forward the availability of a facilitator.)

Please get in touch with questions and talk to us regarding any issues.
We want to ensure that anyone in New Zealand requiring PWS training is able to receive it.



Ideal for new staff members or for providers who are going to be working with a new client with PWS. This workshop provides a general overview of PWS, followed by detailed information about aspects of the syndrome and how best to support persons living with PWS.

A.) ON-SITE –  At a venue of your choice.

LENGTH: Usually runs for 4-5 hours
COST: $70pp + gst
ATTENDEES: Ideally suited to a minimum of 8 and maximum of 20 attendees.
Includes training manuals. Certificates can be provided on request.

B.) VIRTUAL WORKSHOP –  via Zoom. (Shorter, but allows for flexibility of content.)

LENGTH: Up to 3 hours
COST: Flat rate of $100 per hour + gst
ATTENDEES: Ideally suited to a maximum of 10 attendees.

2. REFRESHER and/or CRISIS SUPPORT WORKSHOP – Supporting People with PWS


Ideal for staff already working with clients with PWS who wish to refresh their skills. Recaps aspects of the syndrome and how best to support people living with PWS. Allows time for discussion of staff experiences and questions.


Ideal for staff already working with clients with PWS who are experiencing some challenges. This workshop provides an opportunity for teams to discuss issues and work together to find solutions, with the benefit of an external perspective and our facilitator’s experience.

These workshops would usually take place online, but can be facilitated on-site if needed.

LENGTH: 2-3 hours
COST: Flat rate of $100 per hour + gst for online workshop / $60pp + gst for on-site workshop
ATTENDEES: Ideally suited to a maximum of 10 attendees for a virtual workshop and 6-20 attendees for an on-site visit.

3. TAILORED PWS TRAINING (online only)

Ideal for those supporting people with PWS who require training and support around a particular issue(s). This training session can be on any area(s) of PWS – just let us know your requirements, i.e. health, diet, behaviour, mental wellbeing, the challenges involved in enabling a full life etc.
This training is offered online which allows for flexibility of time and content, and for regular short training sessions if desired.
LENGTH: Any length required up to a maximum of 3 hours per session
COST: Flat rate of $100 per hour + gst
ATTENDEES: Ideally suited to a maximum of 10 attendees.

4. SCHOOL TRAINING WORKSHOP- Supporting Pupils with PWS

This is a shorter training designed to fit into staff meeting time or part of a teacher only day so that all staff are able to learn about PWS. This training would usually provide a brief overview of PWS and cover implications for health and safety, teaching and learning, managing the food environment and managing behaviour. However, it is possible to only focus on particular areas. Training is offered online unless a facilitator is available in your area. (We can try to combine school requests or arrange other training in your area if on-site training is preferred.)
LENGTH: flexible length (max 3 hours)
COST: free to schools