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The PWSA(NZ) has been involved with organisation committees of previous Asia-Pacific PWS Conferences alongside the PWS Association of Australia. These conferences are usually held every three years. In 2021, the PWS Associations of Australia and New Zealand have joined with the PWS Associations of Malaysia and Thailand to co-organise a conference with wider reach – the beginnings of a vision for creating greater connectivity within our Asia Pacific region.


5th Asia Pacific PWS Conference / Live Webinar 2021

5th Asia Pacific PWS Conference / Live Webinar 2021



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11th International PWS Organisation Conference, Ireland

11th International PWS Organisation Conference, Ireland


This will be IPWSO’s 11th international Prader-Willi syndrome conference. These are held every 3 years, each time in a different country. The conference usually has 4 different parrallel programmes available: Clinical and Scientific, Parents & Family, Professional Caregivers and Providers, plus activities for people with PWS and other family members. This conference is being held in Limerick, Ireland. WHEN: 6th - 10th July, 2022 WHERE: University of Limerick. IPWSO conferences are an ideal opportunity to: share knowledge about Prader-Willi syndrome, network, learn and collaborate, hear great speakers, meet scientists, doctors, carers and families from around the world. Programme and registration details can be found on the IPWSO webpage or PWSAI webpage.

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10th IPWSO Conference 2019 – Havana

This conference was held in Cuba in November 2019. It was attended by Dane and Julia Fuller (parents from New Zealand) who interviewed esteemed endocrinologist and PWS expert, Dr. Jennifer Miller. In their interview recording, Dr Miller provides answers to some key questions and offers very useful information for families. Christina Ford, a New Zealand behaviour specialist with Community Connections, gave a presentation at the conference, reflecting on the practice tools and techniques she uses to have conversations in behaviour support and education sessions with a person with PWS when there is a requirement to discuss difficult subject matter. Hayley Arnott, another parent who attended from NZ, has also forwarded the following conference report.

4th Asia-Pacific PWS Conference 2018 – Brisbane

The 4th Asia-Pacific PWS Conference was held in Brisbane, Australia, in October 2018.
Live-stream videos were available via the PWS Australia Facebook page and can now be viewed via one of our YouTube playlists.

9th IPWSO Conference 2016 – Toronto

This International Prader-Willi Syndrome Organisation (IPWSO) conference was hosted by FPWR Canada and held in Toronto.
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3rd Asia-Pacific PWS Conference 2015 – Melbourne

The 3rd Asia-Pacific PWS Conference was held in Melbourne, Australia, in April 2015.
Click here to view all the video recordings of the presentations.

PWSA Ireland Conference 2014

Click here to view some of the video recordings from this conference. Dr Hubert Soyer and Dr Suzanne Blichfeldt both discuss healthcare and care services for adults with PWS; Dr Suzanne Cassidy discusses healthcare for children with PWS, and Georgina Loughnan presents on physical therapy.

8th IPWSO Conference 2013 – Cambridge

The 8th IPWSO Conference was held in Cambridge, England.
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