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Publications and Resources

Most of our resources are available free of charge for PWSA(NZ) members. If you would like to order resources and are not a member, please see our membership page for a range of free membership options. Please use the appropriate order forms below to request resources within Aotearoa New Zealand (sorry, we are unable to ship overseas).
If you cannot find the information you are looking for below, or on relevant website pages, please contact us – we would be happy to recommend resources or put a collection together for you.

An overview of PWS, how to support a person living with PWS and how the PWSA can help. Copies will be included in relevant information packs or they can be ordered using the request form below.


These pamphlets are ideally suited to providing others with all the useful and need-to-know information in one brief publication. Pamphlets are easy to distribute to large groups of people, e.g. to all staff members etc.


An Introduction to Prader-Willi Syndrome for:

  • Whānau, Friends & Community
  • Peers and Housemates
  • Healthcare Providers

Coming soon for:

  • Support Workers
  • Educational Settings

Free pamphlets – please use the resources request form below to order.
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Free resource: Learning, behaviour,
managing the food environment. . .

Free pocket-sized guide for emergencies.

Please order your free copy from the
New Parent Resources page.

Living Healthy with PWS series by Latham Centers – Paul E. Donahue Jr, Exec Chef, Melanie Silverman, PWS Dietitian, Patrice Carroll, Director PWS Services.
-Cookbook & Nutrition Tips $15.60+pp
-Cookbook Supplement $8.90+pp
-Both books $20+pp (*save $4.50*)
Further discount for service providers.

Purchase via our cookbooks order form.



PWSA(NZ) Information Resources:


The PWSA(NZ) has 5 support groups:

NZ Prader-Willi Support Community
A support network for parents of children and adults of all ages diagnosed with PWS.

Age-based Whānau Support
For parents of: 0-5 years, 6-12 years, 13+ years (teens and adults)

My PWS Online Network NZ
A chat group for those aged 16+ who have PWS and live in New Zealand (or Australia.)