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DCCR benefits for PWS confirmed in Magel2 deficient mice with improved endurance capacity

FEB 2018 – Diazoxide Choline Controlled Release (DCCR) is currently being developed by Soleno Therapeutics following a successful phase 2 trial in PWS patients which observed improvements in hyperphagia, a reduction of body fat and increase in lean body mass. They are advancing DCCR into a phase 3 clinical development program which is due to start recruiting from March 2018.

newly published study at the University of Alberta tested whether chronic diazoxide administration can reduce fat mass and improve metabolism in mice lacking MAGEL2, a gene inactivated in PWS. The mice were rendered obese by high fat diet feeding, then provided diazoxide while being maintained on a high fat diet. Treatment with diazoxide reduced weight and body fat, lowered blood glucose and improved endurance capacity. Read More  >

DCCR is looking very promising as a potential future treatment for hyperphagia in PWS.